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Downward Spiral

I had wanted to write a small rant called “Why Facebook Sucks and Why…

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I had wanted to write a small rant called “Why Facebook Sucks and Why I Miss Livejournal” but I felt that stating “Facebook Sucks” was really enough. :o)

Suffice it to say that I am more myself here, without the worry of judgment or an interrogation, than I can be in a place where everyone I ever waved to junior high school is looking me up.

Also – I rewrote the last book I read in my head….then I added Severus Snape to it. Thought you ought to know.
  • The idea of Facebook rather horrifies me. I have a definite public vs. private persona and the two do NOT mix! (Chairman of the city zoning commission vs. writer of smut. 'Nuf said?)
  • all books would be better with the addition of Snape and Facebook does suck, although hooking up with a couple of friends from college (almost 35 years ago, OMG) almost makes up for being found by a couple of people I never wanted to think about again.
  • Agreed! I've done three friend purges already and might give the whole thing up all together. There is no need for me to know about people I purposely avoid seeing in person.
  • WORD in re Facebook...I mean, I use it, because it is the only way for my Kazakhstan-residing self to keep up with some people, but I can't handle being friended by people I hated in middle school and my parents' friends and just...what?
  • It's good to know that you won't abandon us. ;)

    And your rewrite sounds intriguing.
  • Everything's better with Snape added. Or Rickman.
    There's always room for Rickman.
  • Agreed, Facebook does suck. But it can also be great. Because of it I got to see a friend I haven't seen in 16 years last week (in town on business), and in April I got a virtually free trip to Los Angeles to meet distant family. There are some good things about it. Don't lose hope. *hugs*
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