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Downward Spiral



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strikethough 2007
I'm gone a couple of days and the shit hits the fen.

*le sigh*

Of course this come just when I decided that I'm not done with fandom and there's at least four, maybe five, stories left in me. But it's not just about fandom. There are people on my flist that have long left fandom whom I'd hate to lose.

I'll be honest. I like LJ. It's central and easy and I'm not keen on moving again.


I'm thetreacletart at Greatestjournal. (and that's it. If that doesn't pan out - save a fandom-only option - I'm crawling in a hole.)

Go here to see who else might be there. I've just been poking around, friending back old friends I stumble across.

Now I have to see about coping this journal over. There wouldn't happen to be a way I could update both at the same time, is there?
  • I haven't tried it myself, but I think Semagic has an option that allows people to post to multiple sites. Emphasis on think. (:

    Oh, I'll be so sad if fandom picks up and moves somewhere else -- such a pain to transfer everything!
  • Oooo, but there is.

    *loud breathing, followed by the voice of James Earl Jones*

    First, *loud breath in* you must download Semagic.

    *loud breath out*

    Then, *loud breath in* you must go to *loud breath out -- oh, for crying out loud, I'm getting dizzy* snapetoy's nifty instructions.

    I can also point you to directions on how to save all your LJ entries, but I am still a little light-headed from all the Darth Vader-speak. Let me know if you want those details and I'll post 'em.
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