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Downward Spiral

I finally had a few hours to myself wherein I hoped to actually write…

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I finally had a few hours to myself wherein I hoped to actually write fic. I should have known that the Gods of Irony wouldn't let me be that happy. Now, thanks to a group of fucknuts, I have to lock down my journal.

I know you have all heard about the lj crackdown. If not, go here for the lowdown from femmequixotic. Go here for more info

My journal is so PG-13 it's embarrassing, but I'm feeling very "no one is safe" right now so it's time to start archiving.

I've removed all my interests and replaced them simply with 'freedom of speech' as I've seen other's do, and now I have to go back and wonder if I've ever written something that someone will deem inappropriate.

We are running out of places to go: ffnet, yahoo groups, now LJ.

It breaks my heart.
  • We can have really cool fanzines!

    I'm just trying to stay positive here.
    • This too shall pass. I just hope this won't drive more people away when we are so close so what should be a terrific summer.
  • I'm obviously not a writer, but I did the same with "freedom of speech." I'm also v. happy that my main fandom has no kids (although that will reportedly change this year) and virtually nothin' with families at all.

    So much for the anonymity of the interwebs. This is all too creepy and sad, that the same assholes that are ruining so much of our national life are doing so even to fandoms. Let us geeks have our own space, I says.
  • Also set my interests to freedom of speech. It is APPALLING that one narrow-minded lunatic can accuse people of something said lunatic disapproves of and everyone is punished, without trial, without investigation, just to satisfy the lunatic!!!!!

    I can barely contain my rage.
  • This whole thing is causing a storm all over the fandoms. *sigh*

  • I feel you on that...

    I don't think I've wrote or even read anything inappropriate, but now I'm all paranoid. Which is kinda scary.
  • It's bad news bears. That's all I can coherently say. I'm just so shocked. Not that incest is being cracked down, but that it doesn't matter what people POST, it only matters that they have the interest listed, and that LJ is NOT proceeding according to their terms, which clearly state there will be a warning before suspension. I'm so f*cking (to keep you PG-13, lulz) sad I bought a permanent account, and smoked at fate for having my lj become such a great tool for keeping in touch. I have no idea what to do. LE SIGH.
  • I think the replacement of all interests with freedom of speech is quite brilliant.

    This sucks so much. I'm not a writer and I don't think there's anything in my journal that could offend anyone in such a big way, but yeah, I'm definitely with you on that 'no one is safe' feeling. It's like... I don't know what to do, if I should worry or what, and it sucks that fandoms have to go through this because, hey, we might be a bit pervy on occasion, but we're really just a friendly and harmless bunch. :/

    Still, it's nice to see the unity. Fandom is such a nice place to be, I'd hate to see anything happen to it.
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