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Downward Spiral

I'm writing to you now with my new daughter on my lap. My little…

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I'm writing to you now with my new daughter on my lap. My little Tartlette came a month early, weighing 6 pounds, 11 ounces and with a head full of soft brown hair. She couldn't wait to get a start on life -- even if I could have used another week or two. :o)

I've been trying to remember it all, the things you are supposed to do with a new baby at home. It's been 10 years since I've had the honor, and while some of it comes almost automatically the rest is a bit hazy. Ok, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm willing to learn it all over again. After all, I didn't screw up the first one too badly -- nothing a few years of good therapy and a short visit to Oprah couldn't fix.

It's been a long road, one I never thought I'd see the end of. And that isn't to say the last few months have been easy. I've been tested in ways I never thought I would be. But, in the end we made it, all of us. I wouldn't mind a few prayers this way - any Deity will do, I'm not picky.

My love to you and yours. I'll update again, as soon as I am able to put her down, which I haven't been able to do much just yet.
  • So SO many congratulations!!! And she was nearly 2 lbs bigger than I was at my early birth, so that's pretty darn good for appearing before expected. :)

    Hope you and your family are enjoying this special time, and I look forward to lots of photos when you get a chance. :)
  • Oh, congratulations to you, and best wishes for a happy life for little Tartlette! And I remember not wanting to put my little one down when she was new. Enjoy your time together!
  • Congratulations!!
  • OH. Oh, WOW. Congratulations (she said, tearing up over someone she's never even met IRL. But this is truly amazing and wonderful news)!
  • Congratulations! She sounds like a little beauty.
  • Tears came to my eyes as I read your post. I am so, so happy for you L.! Congratulations!!

    It will come back to you, and it will also be very new and shiny! Relish it!

    There will be a toast in your girl's honor at Infinitus if I have my way!


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  • How wonderful! Congratulations! :-D
  • Oh, wow, congratulations! *hugs* I know how much this pregnancy meant to you, and to come a month early with such a terrific birth weight...wow! This one was clearly Meant To Be. I bet she is absolutely wonderful, worth every moment of the heartache and worry it took to get her here. ♥

    My own rainbow baby after the storm will be here in about two months (assuming he's on time), and...it doesn't get better than this, does it? :D

    You're in my prayers, and I'm so glad for you that she's safely here!

    (Btw, with any baby--but especially an early one--have you considered babywearing? With a Moby wrap or similar? I'm planning to, and I've heard it's an amazing way to keep them safe and content, since, being wrapped up close next to your body, where they can hear your heartbeat, it's like being in the womb.)
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations, most beloved! Many years to the little one :-)
  • Oh honey! I am so happy for you and Mr. Tart and Little Tart and now, Miss Tartette.

  • OMG OMG OMG!!!! I was JUST thinking about you the other day! CONGRATULATIONS! ♥♥♥ Oh I'm so happy for you :)))
  • YAY! Congratulations!
  • Wonderful news! Congratulations.

    Not ending up on Jerry Springer or Oprah is probably the best goal you shoot at with raising kids.

    ♥ and hugs to you!
  • Congratulations!
  • Fantastic news. I'm so happy for you guys. ♥
  • Hooray for a happy, healthy Tartlette! Will there be pictures?
  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, congratulations!!!!!!
  • Welcome back and congratulations!
  • CONGRATULATIONS!! That's wonderful! *giant hugs*
  • Oh wow! Congrats!
  • Congratulations!!! And I'll be more than happy to say a prayer for you, your husband and the Tartlette!!
  • Congratulations!
  • Awwwww! Congrats! :) :) :)
  • Oh, honey, I'm so, so, SO happy for you. That is the most wonderful thing I have heard in a long, long time.
  • Yay! That's fabulous news. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family :D And aw, she weighs more than I did and I was born exactly on time!
  • Congratulations! Such wonderful news!
  • Congratulations!
  • so excited for you! congrats.
  • Awww, congratulations!
  • Woot! A wee Tartlet has arrived. :)

    Getting her started with fandom early? Heh.

  • Oh wow, congratulations! That's great news.

    Here's hope little Tartlette will be a healthy, happy baby! *cheers*

    Edited, because of funny typo. Tarlette. LOL.

    Edited at 2010-07-13 04:34 pm (UTC)
  • Oh!!! Many congrats!!
  • Oh, congratulations! ::sniffle:: Welcome to Earth, Tartlette.
  • sdkfj;ljewi OMGYAY.

    I'm sooo happy for you, Lydia! I was going through the flist archives the other day and saw your last post again and I had wondered how everything was going! I'm so glad to hear your little one is safe and healthy and here :) Congratulations! xo
  • Yay, you have a Tartlette! I had just been wondering what you've been up to.

    I'll happily send prayers your way, and good wishes from me as well. Congratulations!
  • So happy things worked out well. Congratulations!
  • !!!!!

    Um, ignoring the fact that I'm a million months late... I'm glad you are happified by these events, and am sending a million more happifying thoughts your way. You deserve only the awesomest. Period.

    ♥ ♥ ♥
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