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Downward Spiral

*dusts off live journal* **has coughing fit** Wow, that’s a lot…

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*dusts off live journal*
**has coughing fit**

Wow, that’s a lot of dust. :o)

Howdy neighbors. Long time no see.

I was checking my email and I had a rather lovely review from someone about one of my fics. They still trickle in every now and then and I get a jolt of nostalgia each time. Oh, how I miss you all. I’m strongly considering revisiting one of my half finished fics just because I want to get it done. I jumped on LJ and was please too see that people were still reading, still writing, still reccing, still having fun. It warmed my cockles…I didn’t even know I had cockles.

Let’s catch up shall we……

I am currently writing from my new home. Senior Tart and I just bought a new house. Our first house to be exact. It’s drafty, and in need of a lot of work, but we love it. I feel like I could grow old here.

I’m still not thrilled with my job, but I still have one which is a lot more than I can say for some these days. And they love me; I just got a raise and a bonus actually. But it isn’t enough for the crap I deal with on a daily basis. This is probably why I had such cold cockles.

Sister is still getting a divorce. He’s turned out to be a bigger ass than I ever could have thought. It saddens me. I won’t talk about this any more. As you can imagine it’s been something that my family has been dealing with for some time and I’d rather hold on to my current happy mood just a little longer.

Sister in law is having twins. There’s more to say about this but I’m not ready to just yet. More on this later. Come to think of it there’s been a lot of drama in my life these past six month. Most of it hasn’t been fun. This goes to further explain my absence.

So enough about me. Really I see that look in your eye and I can’t be responsible for your falling asleep on your desk. Drool can really wreck your keyboard.

Give me a rundown of what you’ve been up to or anything going on around here. What is everyone doing? What is everyone reading? Where is all the angst? The wank? What the latest and greatest?

I’m begging for news here.

With love,

  • I'm just glad to see that I'm not the only person who hasn't updated in an age and a half you're still around.

    {{hugs you}}

    from mmyrtle (aka kate952)
    • Hey there! Yes, I hate myself for not keeping up even though I am constantly writing LJ entries in my head. Pathetic, isn't it?
  • It's just great to hear about you! *hugs*
  • Welcome back!

    The Snarry Art Games just finished, and the Snarry Holidays is still going!

    Lots of yummy art and fic!
  • Oh T3! *flails* I was thinking about you just a few minutes ago because I posted a fic to The Quidditch Pitch that you betaed for me about a zillion years ago.

    The rundown? I'm still employed, still in the same house, still married to HeadBoy, still have two stinky teenage boys. That about covers it.

    Email me with your new address so I can send you a card. God, I miss you! I'm so glad you posted tonight, though I'm sorry about all the drama. I hope y'all enjoy your house!
    • I miss you so effing much. I'm planning on sending change of address cards...some point this year. As usual I am so on top of everything. :o)

      All in all I'm ok, despite the drama. I love my house and should you ever be in my area I will always have a place for you to visit.

      I promise not to stay away so long again.
  • 'Tis good to see you :-)

    *tender robed embrace*
    • Glad to see you out and about. How are you?
      • I am quite well... Still writing nonsense about Snape, and whatnot ;-)

        I hope with all my heart that your Thanksgiving is as peaceful and restful as possible.

        *tender robed embrace*
  • Nice to see you! Am buying a house as well--eeep! Scary stuff. *hugs*
    • It's freakin terrifying, but also the most fun I've had in a long time. Also - you will be shocked how many boxes you need. It's unbelievable.

      Good Luck with it!
  • You live!!!


    new things. I am minus one gallbladder and plus one kitty. And desperately scrabbling to write original fiction.

    • Not quite dead yet. :o)

      Sorry about the gall bladder but yay for kittens! And yay for writing original fiction! That's exciting. I hope it's going well. I really admire anyone who tries their hand at it. I am a coward. :oD
  • Ooooooh I miss you! I'm glad you have a house and a job and that you are alive.

    I am sunk fathoms deep in bandom and I haven't been this happy since the days of Checkmated YM chatrooms. I know hardly anything about Potter fandom anymore, but if you are interested in a new fandom I promise mine is warm and welcoming and full of adorable boys who need cuddles. Probably not your thing, really, but I'm in love.
    • Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

      How are darling? (And I mean darling in an "I adore you" way and not a "creepy guy trying to sell you a used car" way. )

      I'm glad to hear you found something new to dive into. To be honest I'm not all that familiar with the ins and outs of bandom but I'm all for anything that promotes love. And anything that make you happy.

      How is life treating you?
      • School is harder than it ought to be, but I have awesome friends to whine to, so I guess it balances out. *G*
  • TART!!!!! You've been sorely missed around fandom. :( Sorry things have been much with the drama and work stress - I sympathize, believe me! You deserve so much better!


    • Hey there!

      Sooooooo good to see you still here. A little birdie told me you are still writing Snupin. Is that the case? Is there hope for us yet?
  • ::glomps::

    I'm, uh, still living in Central Asia with the Peace Corps. (And I alternate between hating everyone I know and wanting to quit, and thinking this was really my best idea ever, since I actually make a wage I can live on and I have the most proactive health coverage on the planet.) I have a cat now, and my laptop is dying. Still dating lofro, mostly watching Dr. Who and Stargate these days.
    • Allow me to :glomp: you back. :o)

      Still in Central Asia! That's amazing. I had wanted to join the peace Corps in my younger and less cynical days. I give you credit, it takes a heck of a lot of moxie.

      I am a huge Dr. Who fan and pretty pissed that we aren't getting a new season until 2010. Any spoilers you might come across would be most welcome.
  • Yay! Nice to see you around. Not much news from me, just watching lots of tv and writing lots of porn *g*
    • I miss the porn. For someone who couldn't never write it properly I forget how much I used to read. I was happier then as well, at elast more....relaxed. I don't think it was a coincidence. :o)
  • Hey Tart how are you, honey? I've been busy writing and trying to stay warm, our heaters haven't been turned on yet....

    That's it mostly... got a house full. Me, my guy, our two girls (5 and 7), my girl (15 I think), My sister in law, her two girls (8 and 11), three dogs, two cats, three frogs, three electric blue crayfish, and too many fish to count. All in about 700 sq feet or so....

    The sil and her girls should be moving into their own place in a month or so....
    • (Anonymous)
      Holy cow! Full house is an understatement, I think. You don't need to turn on your heaters with all those bodies in the place.

      Are all the pets yours or do some of them go with the SIL and co? Not that I have a think against pets but after being in close quarters with so many I'd want as much room as humanly possible when some of them left.
  • Zoinks

    Its been some time since you were here on LJ!!! I saw today that snuna_exchange is accepting propmts. It made me think of your Implausible, Irrational Preposterous & Just Plain Luna. Have you got an Snuna left in you? ((hopes))
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