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Downward Spiral

Hydee ho neighbor. How goes it?

Hydee ho neighbor. How goes it?

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Yes, I’m still alive. I didn’t want this place to become my dumping ground so I told myself I would not update until I had something good to report. As you can see it’s been a while.

Yesterday, however, Mr. Tart and I watched the last Harry Potter movie and I remembered that the next movie is coming out in November. I also realized that I knew nothing about the movie. Usually at this point I’ve seen a slew of pictures, have read half a dozen interviews, and have seen at least three of the main stars naked. I’m so behind. Any news would be greatly appreciated.

So a quick update –

The good – I’m buying a house!!!! Or really trying to. It needs a new septic system. And boiler. And the electric needs to be updated. And the roof needs to be reshingled. And the kitchen needs to be updated. And every room needs new paint and light fixtures. And there’s radon in the basement. And some termite damage, don’t forget the termite damage. But other than that it’s perfect!!!!! I know it sounds awful but we got a good price on the house and are able to make most of the updates before we move in. It has a great backyard and it’s in a great school system so I’m thrilled. I’ll let you knew when we close on it. Until I get the keys I’m not sure it will actually happen.

The bad – I’ve had my third miscarriage in a year and a half. I’m taking the summer off from thinking about it. In the fall the hubby and I are getting a work up to make sure there isn’t a bigger problem. Then we have to decide whether we try again. I’ll tell you the truth, this last time broke me a little, but the idea of not trying again bothers me more than failing again. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted on that as well.

The ugly – My sister is going through an bitter divorce. I’m actually pretty thrilled she’s getting a divorce. I hate her husband- a bigger waste of space doesn’t exist on this world or the next – but I hate what it’s doing to her and my nieces. He’s irrational, erratic, selfish, and unstable. And those are his better qualities. I’d like to give specifics but I can’t until the whole thing is settled. Fingers crossed that it’s soon.

Mr. Tart is great (most of the time), the Tartlet is fabulous (for at least part of the day), and the job is getting better (very, very, very, slowly). We go on as best we can. I’m actually feeling pretty happy today. We got a good report on the state of the attic and tomorrow I’m signing mortgage papers. Here’s to new beginnings and crippling debt!

Miss you much,

  • Taaaart! *tackles*

    *smothers in kisses*

    I'll take you in all your debt-ridden glory!

    So, so sorry to hear about your sister and your miscarriage. *hugs you*

    If the house has a functioning potty and a non-leaky roof, you're in business. The rest is just window-dressing (says the home owner in with a roof that desperately needs to be resheeted/shingled, painted, and resided.) Ah, mortgage!

    My love to the J's! And of course to you.
    • Hey Big D :o)

      I'm actually very excited about the house. It feels like it's a long time coming. We wait until the housing market is in the toilet to buy a house and until gas prices are astronomical to add another 10 minutes to my commute. Brilliant!

      My love to your boys.
  • *leaves you hugs and strength and positive thoughts*
  • It's so nice to see your virtual face. Sorry you have been coping with difficult things, but it's great about the house.
  • *tackles you* I've missed you! ♥

    Lessee...for HBP movie stuff, you can watch the hbpmoviepics comm. So far, though, there's really not been too much about it--no trailer, hardly any pics. Sigh.

    That house...sounds amazing. You must buy it! Imagine it: you buy it at, (a bad guess) $500,000, fix it up over the years, the economy rebounds, and by the time you're ready to sell again in ten, twenty years, that puppy will be worth double that.

    I'm way too interested in real estate lately :B

    I'm so sorry about your sister's divorce and your miscarriage *hugs you* I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts. ♥
    • You're so cute. My house is no where near that cost but I like the fact that I seem like a person who could own such a house. I do think that we'll get a great return with a little work so I'm please with it none the less.

      And how are you! I was thinking about you the other day. I hope life is treating you well.
  • Hi!! *waves*

    It sounds like you have a lot going on, both good and bad. I'm amazed that you sound so positive, so that must mean you're in a good place about things. Sometimes you have to just let life happen and deal with it the best you can.

    Signing mortgage papers is probably the scariest thing I've ever done, and then it is promptly followed by a severe case of buyer's remorse. Don't worry, though - it'll all work out fine. At least you know in advance what you're getting.

    So sorry about the miscarriages and your sister's divorce. It sucks. We're here for you, though, babe. :)

    Glad you're still around - pop in again soon and let us know what's up!
    • I try to be positive, I really do. Otherwise everyday is just a grind and that's no way to live.

      I've been trying to teach my son to do that - to work through life's disappointments and concentrate on what's good. He looks at me like I'm a total moron and I know all is as it should be. :o)
  • Congrats on the house! Let us know when you've moved in and I'll send you a housewarming gift. ^_^ I think of you often.
  • Ah, buying a fixer-upper. I put in a new sewer line this spring. My husband said it was the most expensive birthday present he had ever given me. Even though the list never seems to grow shorter, I love having my own house that I can do anything to I can afford!

    Hope the rest turns out all right. I had a dear friend finally divorce Mr. Pond Scum and it was the best thing that ever happened to her once it was all over. Hope the same for your sister.
    • Thank you. :o)

      I'll admit I like the idea of fixing up the house and making it my own. Maybe a little too much. It find myself thinking about counter tops with the frequency I used to think about Severus Snape - that's just not right. :oD
  • Hidey ho neighbor!

    Life is most certainly good, bad and ugly. You sound like you are coping well. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that if you don't think you're coping near as well as you sound, feel free to dump on the old f-list so we can help.

    Good luck!
    • So that's how you spell hidey! I just couldn't figure it out. How sad is that?

      Thanks for the good vibes. I'm doing much better no though I admit there were some tough days. This helps a lot - just responding to comments. I should have thought of this sooner.
  • Ahh Tart... I was thinking about you today (oddly enough)

    As for your news:

    The good - ah the joy of home ownership... best of luck in that *grins*

    The bad - aw hon, I am sorry for your loss and I best thought and wishes for you.

    The ugly - I hope that it is over quickly, that the 'waste of space' just lets her go.

    • I like that you had thought about me. That makes me happy actually - unless you were thinking 'I'm glad she's not around anymore' which is always a possibility. :o)

      Thanks for the hugs. They are much appreciated.
  • *drive by hugs*
  • Aha! I just said to myself last night, whatever happened to Treacle Tart and checked this blog to make sure I hadn't missed a post somehow and suddenly you update. Good luck with the house!!
  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope the workup shows something easily fixable.

    ::fingers crossed the new house is a turning point for you all::
  • (no subject) - shoeless_girl
    • Thanks for thte good thoughts.

      Twat is a good word. You don't hear that as often anymore. I'm bringing it back. :o)

      The house is interesting. I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. I've been looking at paint chips and it makes me tingly. I think I might have a problem.

  • I'm so sorry about your loss and for what your sister and her children have to go through. I wish you and them all the best and I wish you all the best with the new house.

    • Thanks so much. We'll manage. I look forward to the end of this year I'm hoping everything will be settled by then.
  • *Hugs*

    Taking some time off seems to make a lot of sense to me. You need some time to heal, so take what you need.

    Until then your F-list is certainly here to listen to whatever you need to say, babe!
  • I was thinking about you just the other day, and wondering if we'd lost you for good. I'm so glad to see that's not the case. I'm so very, very sorry to hear you've had yet another miscarriage and about your sister's divorce (even if it is the best thing for her) - I hope you and Mr. Tart are able to find both a source for the problem and a solution when you go in for your workup. Congratulations on the house buy!

    • Mags!!!!

      Even through all this I've thought of fandom and this journal every blessed day. I miss everyone so much.

      Thanks for the lovely words. Just seeing your comment makes me happier than you can realize.
  • I'm glad to hear from you! Glad to hear all your good, and sorry to hear your bad. I'm definitely thinking of you and holding all of your family in my best good wishes.

  • ((((((((good thoughts))))))))))

    Thanks for stopping and checking in. A new house sounds like a great move for all of you, something to focus on. I'm sorry to hear about the bad and the ugly, will be keeping you, your sister and your nieces in my thoughts.
    • Thank you so much. It's been fun reading comments and skimming my journal. I've missed this place so much. Just writing to you now makes me feel comfortable if that makes sense. I would do well not to stay away for so long again. :o)
  • Yay on the new house. So sorry to hear about the miscarriage and other family troubles. :( *sends virtual hugs*

    When you say the electric has to be done, do you mean the entire house needs to be rewired or just converted to breakers from fuses or something like that? If you're rewiring, have you considered adding networking and/or coax cabling at the same time? It's much easier when you're not already moved in and makes it much easier to do other upgrades later (home network, home automation, cable TV to each room, etc., etc.).

    Welcome to the insanity that is dealing with your own house. :) May your hand *not* cramp when you sign/initial that stack of papers tomorrow. :D
    • Hello there!

      It just has to be converted to breakers. Nothing major. And we know a guy. (That sounds promising, aye)

      That's a good idea about adding the cable. I hadn't thought about it. Soooo much to think about. It's a very happy distraction though.
  • *waves* You've been plenty busy, lady. And I'm very sorry to hear you've had another miscarriage. *hugs*
  • *hugs like whoah*

    It's always lovely to see you around :D
  • Congratulations on the house! That must be so exciting!

    I am so sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Having been through it myself, I know there isn't much good in words, so *hugs*.
    • Thank you. You have to take the good with the bad I suppose. Just being here and reading your comments makes things better.
  • Yay for the good stuff! Good luck with the house...as someone moving into her first home (that I bought anyway) at the end of August, I understand the excitement/hesitancy.

    I'm sorry for the bad though. You're in my thoughts and prayers!
  • TO CRIPPLING DEBT!!! *toasts*
    I'm so excited about the house! And yeah, it does have issues, but once you're done addressing them, it will be that much more yours :) We're looking too, but first there is the crippling debt brought upon by school.

    What is *with* wonderful women ending up with worthless men?! My sister-in/out-law is going through something similar and we are all trying to talk her out of giving him what must be like his 200th chance. Personally, I wouldn't cross the street to poison him - but perhaps thats the problem...
    • Yay to debt! I'm very excited about the prospect of home ownership... and paint and flooring and light fixtures. There's just so much.

      The problem with worthless men is that they aren't always worthless. They should have the decency to be assholes from the start and let you know what you're getting into.
  • Buying a house = wonderful!!! Congrats

    Real life stuff = {{hugs}} sorry, that just sucks dung bombs

    Sister = good I think?
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