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Reasons why I suck – 1- I totally missed the birthday of one of my…

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Reasons why I suck –

1- I totally missed the birthday of one of my favorite people in the world. abigail89 I’m so sorry. You had a special comm – WHICH I JOINED WEEKS AGO – and couldn’t get my shit together in enough time to wish you a happy birthday.



Sorry I suck so much.

2 – I was nominated for a bestmatesawards but was away from my email for so long I didn’t accept the nomination in time. Thanks so much to whoever took the time to nominate my fic. It really means the world to me. I’m sorry I suck and didn’t follow through.

3 – I have a friend I introduced to Harry Potter. She read all seven books in a matter of weeks and got just as obsessed with it as I was. She’s really having a hard time moving past it and reading anything else. Frankly, she is a perfect candidate for fandom. I think she’d love it and would truly find that little bit more she is looking for, here. I can’t bring myself to introduce her to fandom because I am not comfortable about sharing this part of my life with outsiders. The few times I tried to share it …let’s just say it didn’t go over well. I feel for her because I know what she is going through, and I know fandom could help, but I’m terrified to share it with her. I feel like I’m betraying her and I hate that. I suck again.

4 – I’m petty. No really I am. I have always been one who’s cheered for people when they’ve succeed or when good things have happened to them. Lately though it's been a lot harder to do. I started to list out my pettiness in detail but I’m really embarrassed at how bad I’ve become. Everything is bothering me lately. That’s not me. That’s not who I am. But I’m afraid it’s who I’m becoming.

5 – I want to write so freaking bad, but I can’t. I’ve been working so many hours that I can barely stay awake when I come home.

That just sucks.

What doesn’t suck –

You guys are great. I’ve just skimmed a tiny bit of my flist (I’ve been MIA for a long while and have missed everything) and I love that you are still reading and writing and creating. You give me hope.

Stay strong!!!

Love you ,

  • You do not suck. And if your friend would love fandom, steer her toward a few communities where you aren't a writer and see what happens. It might turn out to be a good thing! :D


    We miss you!
  • *hugs you* You do NOT suck.

    And thank you. I have had a lovely birthday.
  • I have been MIA as well, but I am heartily glad to see you're still around.

    You are probably not nearly as petty as you think you are. Frankly, the people I know who are petty are invariably the ones who claim that they aren't. Ergo, you can't be petty.

    *nods sagely*

    If that argument doesn't convince you, may I offer you some gin? ;D
  • OH hun, you do NOT suck. I have also been away this year, for far to long. And you know what, these people are so great that they'll (we'll) take you back with open arms whenever you pop in!

    As far as the fandom is concerned, I'm in the same boat. A coworker of mine actually went to Terminus (was that the last one, in Toronto?), and she knows I'm all over the place with the fandom, but I refuse to share my name with her. Luckily, she's never asked.

    But, I wouldn't sweat it. Just show her a few of the sites and set her free! You can give her some guidance, but, play it by ear, and use your judgement. I think she'll appreciate the help.

    *Hugs you from accross the bridge*

    Stay warm and GO PATS!!!
  • *loves* I've been kinda MIA recently. I undertand.

  • "Dear friends, we are gathering in celebration of inell, whose presences in the Harry Potter fandom has enriched the experience for us all. Tomorrow is her birthday, so we'd like to invite you to join inell_love , a community to celebrate this lovely lady, with fiction, art, and stories that celebrate her giving spirit and caring nature. But there's one catch - it's a secret! So go join inell_love , and post away, so we can give a gift back to someone who has given so much to all of us!
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