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Downward Spiral

Love me, hate me, Kiss me, kill me. Torture me slowly, With…

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Love me, hate me,
Kiss me, kill me.
Torture me slowly,
With feathers of doves.

Call me, ignore me.
Curse me, adore me.
Set me on fire,
But do it with love.

I can't tell you why this has been running through my head for days. Shows you the sorry state of my head. I also just steam cleaned my carpet....at 9 PM. I've obviously lost it. :o)

I have just had my longest hiatus from fandom since I was first ensnared in its ho-so lovely tentacles all those years ago. I"ve not been online for a couple of weeks. I have no idea what's going on except there's some sort of age-content filter that I don't quite understand. It seems like a good idea, I think, but I'm sure it will somehow bite us all in the ass sooner or later.

I hope you are all doing well.

BTW - does anyone else get spam mail from Greatest Journal. What the hell is up with that? I get so excited to get email only to find someone is very concerned about the size of my penis. Does every man on this plane have penis problems that so much mail must be sent out to stop it.

Enough of that - How goes it, y'all?
  • Yeah, I've been getting those things from GJ too. Asshats.

    I MISS YOU!!!!

    • Darling!!!! **hugs back**

      What are you still doing up?

      How are you? How are the boys?

      I'm trucking along. Fighting the good fight and all that. I'm reclaiming my house this weekend, cleaning and decorating. Sounds like fun doesn't it? I spent two hours cleaning and I feel great.

      I'm such a simple girl.
      • Why on earth are you up at 5am??!

        We're all fine here. Boy1 has a killer cold at the mo, but he'll live. Boy2 brought it home. Other than that, not much to report. We're getting read for Christmas--I actually got the house decorations up last weekend; we're going for the tree today. And I'm finished shopping, except for a couple of odds and ends. I'd say I'm sitting pretty.

        How are your boys these days? How is Mr. Tart's new job going? And Little Tart is doing well in school?

        Come back to me, my sweet. I miss your presence and your stories.
  • I get enough spam from GJ that I'm slowly deleting my posts and using my ID as a placeholder to read Friends there. Interestingly (to me!) the spam was for the same two posts that each had links to e-tailers. Random? Who knows. I, too, would get excited at having Journal mail, especially now that my ISP blocks any message from LJ as spam (ditto for a number of other e-mail hosts, I hear).

    • "I'm slowly deleting my posts and using my ID"

      That's a good idea. I just got another 4 today. When will the madness end!?!
  • Hi! *waves* I was just thinking about you yesterday. I know the holidays are a busy time, but I'd love another meetup, sometime in the next couple of months ...

    You were steam-cleaning at 9pm, I caught myself contemplating raking at 6am. It isn't light out at 6am. *shakes head*
    • Hey there!

      I'd LOVE a get together. After New Year most likely. We can discuss a date and round up the usual suspects. :o)
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