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Downward Spiral

I had a day off today. No. Let me re-phrase. I had taken today…

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I had a day off today.


Let me re-phrase. I had taken today off.

Various doctors / dentists appointments for me and the Tartlet all afternoon. I figured, hey, take the whole day off. Catch up on the flist, reads some fics, write something.

I'd been looking forward to it for three weeks - a few hours of alone time. A little me and you time.

Then comes this morning, or actually last night, or actually this week, or maybe this month. I work eleven hour days and still didn't get done what I needed to get done. So I worked this morning. It was either that or screw over clients and co-workers and that I couldn't do.

Do you know what that says about me?

It says I need a new job.

  • LYDIA!! Have you heard? Dumbledore was gay!!
    • OMG!!! I did. I effing LOVE her for it. I bet Warner Bros. is freaking out. Isn't it awesome?

      In reading the books I saw the Dumbledore/Grindlewald thing but I thought it was just my slashy mind. I'm now really convinced we saw some Ron/Harry. His Weazy indeed.

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