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Downward Spiral

I'm not dead yet.

I'm not dead yet.

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Hola darlings.

How goes it?

I haven't forgotten you. Life is .....well life.

Things are going well so I really can't complain. Senior Tart is enjoying his new job. Mine is killing me but I like it. Been working long days. Sadly, when I come home I can barely think straight let alone enjoy my previous rockin' fandom lifestyle. I've retreated to lurking but I still love you ... and even manage to read and write in dribs and drabs.

Life after Harry Book 7 is odd. I'm watching TV again and I've gone back to rapid book consumption. Real books and not just fics. It's just palin weird and I'm not sure I like it.

I've missed you guys.

Hey, take a minute and tell me one thing that's happened to you over the past few months. What ever you feel like saying.

I'm listening.
  • I bought a house!

    Life after HP7 is odd.
  • It's good to hear from you!

    Nothing big here, other than the usual whirlwind start to school, and the same weird post-DH feel.
    • Hey there,

      Good to hear from you too.

      It is weird not waiting and wondering anymore, isn't it? I'll get used to it....eventually.

  • Hi there you!

    Hmm... I went to London to see my fave band and then did touristy things and hung out with friends and didn't die but I came close! And I wanna go back to Europe and do it all again...
    • London! Amazing. You weren't there for Sectus were you?
      • Nope, long after that - I was there from the 14th-19th and have just now recovered from the evils of jetlag! Plus, I'm kinda over the whole HP con thing. If I ever go to another, it'll be because it's in a cool city and I want to see friends.
  • Glad to hear that you're still alive. I've gotten into different fandoms post DH. It was weird reading it. After reading so much fanfic I was reading it like it was... Too much betaing had me judging plot line etc... That was weird. It was probably chapter two or three before I stopped it (I don't think I ever did completely).

    Life wise, my mother in law had a heart-attack at the end of July. She's home now but it was kind of scary there for a while.

    Other than that, one of my girls started kindergarten, umm and I think that's about it.
    • Sorry about your mother-in-law. I'm glad to hear she's home.

      As for kindergarten I must say I was a bit heartbroken when my son started. I wanted him home just a little while longer.
      • Next year, when my youngest and last one leaves for school, I'll probably cry. But my Kat seems to be taking to it like a duck to water.

        I wish they could all stay where I could keep them safe, at least for a little while longer...
  • I've quit life, moved to a cowboy town and gone back to (a state) school for a second bachelor's...and I'm too poor to buy soap, lol. And I've been writing more fic since the last book came out. I think it's my rebellious nature: giving canon the finger since 2003. XB
    • Who needs soap? It's highly over rated. Wash yourself with a cowboy. :o)

      Good luck with the school thing. I've been thinking about going back - I just have to decide what I want to do when I grow up.

      • I don't think there's a Bachelor of Awesome. If there was, you'd be teaching the core curriculum and the problem would be solved.
  • Glad to hear that you're well though I'm sorry to hear that work is invading your life.

    I'm well. I took a month long holiday to Europe and have spent an inordinate amount of time debating if I should quit my job.
    • A month. Now I'm really jealous. As for quitting one's job I left my office every day for months practising my resignation speech so I feel your pain.
      • Not to rub it in but it was utterly gorgeous. i've pretty much decided to stay at the job for now. but i'm definitely looking.
  • (Anonymous)
    Ended things with boyfriend.
    Get back together.
    Ended it again.
    Get back...to some kind of friendship going on relationship.

    • It's hard to break things off completely when your lives are so intertwined. I hope things work out...one way or the other.
  • hola! I was laid off, and it's cool because I hated my job anyway but omg. job hunting *sucks* :P My Kid continues to be awesome and amusing, margaritas continue to taste yummy and my cats are hysterical. <3 good to see you about! :D
    • Job hunting does suck. Both my husband and I changed jobs over the last two years and it was awful. But it was less awful than hte jobs we were at so.....

      Good luck to you.

      And yay it kids, cats, and margaritas! :o)
  • Hi, lady! Good to know you're still around! I've been mostly lurking, too. OMG, stress. :P

    Hmmm... last few months. Some bad, lots of so-so, a little good. Surviving. Probably the most amusing thing in my life is my puppy, who is a reincarnated cat. Six pounds of pure terror, and the world's only climbing dachshund. Seriously. She can inevitably be found scaling to the highest point in a room, and my son's shoulder is a favorite perch.

    At least it gives me something to laugh at. :D
    • Sorry to hear about the bad stuff. I know how draining life can be when you're struggling to get past something.

      I've been in a so-so holding pattern for a while now. If something good happens it is quickly followed by something bad. *sigh*

      Alas life goes on.

      I'm glad the puppy offers a happy distraction. I'm a firm believer in puppy therapy.
  • It's very good to hear that you and the other Tarts are well!

    We moved to Missouri for a few months while Army Husband completes a course. Missouri creeps me out, just a little. But it's ok. Sophia started 1st grade and is reading, which I find infinitely exciting. We're moving again in December, to Syracuse, NY.

    Um, that's all. LOL
    • Syracuse! We'll practically be neighbors. Okay, so we'll be on the same coast. It's kind of close. :o)

      My son is in first grade too! Hmmmmmm.....they could be prom dates. :oD
  • *waves to you*

    I'm trying to dig my house out of the disorganized disaster it's been for years. Fifteen minutes a day, one little task at a time. It will probably take me a year to do it, but Rome wasn't built in a day and so forth.

    Can you believe it's almost 2 YEARS since we met each other at TWH?! Gah.
    • Re: *waves to you*

      Oh geez. Time = too fast. O.O
    • Re: *waves to you*

      Hey there.

      I can't believe it's been that long. I remember it so clearly.

      My home is always a mess. No matter how hard I try to keep it clean. I'm feeling up to the challenge this weekend. Things need to be thrown away and I need to be able to move around without stubbing my toe on something.
      • I'm going to recommend FLYlady. Some of it is goofy, but a lot of it is just an easy system to help you gain control of your house without driving yourself nuts. I've been doing it about 3 1/2 weeks now and I'm already feeling less depressed and paralyzed about my house. *hugs*
  • I went back to part-time work and full-time school, which means I'm now the after-school crowd's teacher. I've forgotten how I made it work so well the last time I held this position, but I love the conversations I can have with kids this age.

    My dizzy spells are getting steadily worse, with no diagnosis or cure in sight. *makes face* If you can spare me good thoughts, I'd appreciate it.

    I miss you! I also wish I could drag you into my new fandoms, because that would rock.
    • :takes notes:

      Seriously, you never tell me anything. :cries: I'm sorry the world's still spinning. I had a boss with vertigo once, it was weird and not fun for her.


      ♥ to you, and apologies to Lyd for using her space. ^^
      • I tell nobody anything! But lately I have been posting more, the urge is back, thus--an update post soon. Promise. *sends love*
    • I'm sorry to hear about the dizzy spells. I'll always send good thoughts your way, any time you need them and even when you don't.

      I miss you as well but no new fandoms for me. My HP experience was precious to me but it was a one time thing. I still dabble because I don't think I could ever let it go completely but that's it for me.

      Good luck with your new schedule. :o)
  • Hola, welcome back
    I had a great holiday in France, quit my job, moved cities and started a second masters.

    As for life after DH, its weird to think that there'll be no more waiting.
    • Holiday in France...

      Quit Job...

      Back to school....

      That's my dream life. I must hate you now...for at least 5 minutes.
  • University's begun again, and I've written the first fic in two years! *gasp* And it's RPS! *gasps more* I've no idea what went into me. *g* (Here's the link, if you're curious...)
    Signed up for a couple of holiday exchanges and snarry_games.
    And it seems autumn's beginning over here.
    • I miss writing. I didn't sign up for any fest because I was afraid I'd miss deadlines and I hate missing deadlines.

      Kudos to your efforts!
      • I didn't know how much I'd missed writing until I began writing that fic. :) Now that it's done, I feel something's missing, heh.
        Though the holiday exchanges and snarry_games are all art.
  • *HUGS* Hi! Life post DH is really strange - I'm sad that its over, ut delighted there is so much to play with.

    One Thinkg: I cut my hair - short! And got a consecutive 12, count them 12 compliments from gay men!
  • *waves* Still here, still in school, still in fandom (next gen's where it's at, man!), still trying to elude death by procrastination, still laughing at the elf, still doin' mah thang. Hoping to go to Europe next summer, but otherwise nothing really exciting to report.

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