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Downward Spiral

Me -----> Live Journal, Insane Journall, Greatest Journal,…

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Me -----> Live Journal, Insane Journall, Greatest Journal, JournalFen

I'm gonna start all my entries like this for a while until so that people can find me where ever they end up.

I think I'm keeping LJ as my main journal but cross-posting to all four in case anyone wants to delete duplicate journals. I'm a bit sad at having my flist spread all over cyberspace but as long as we can find each other somewhere I think it's all good. It seems like most people are working their way towards Insane journal so I'm probably going to concentrate there as well, with Greatest journal and Journal Fen as back ups.

When I post a new fic I will post it to my fic journal and post announcements everywhere else. I will most probably only take comments on one journal so they aren't spread everywhere. I'm just trying to keep my things organized -- it's my inner Percy taking control. {hugs Percy}

In other news....

I just celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary. I officially feel old. Mr. Tart just got a new job that will start in a week...just in time for my vacation from work. O______o

It's all right though. I'm pretty thrilled about the new job and so is he. The past couple of years have been a bit tough but we've made it through and for the first time in a while things are looking up. *fingers crossed* *and toes* *and eyes*

And.... I'm writing again!!!!!!! It's slow going but that's nothing new, I was never a fast writer. I have three, maybe four fics I'm working on right now in various stages of completion. Feels like old times. :o)

I don't think I'm going to write for fests as me and deadlines are not compatible at the moment, but I am writing.

I will slash Snape again. Oh yes, I will.

Let there be fandom.

And the fandom gods looked up on it and it was good.
  • First of all, happy anniversary! I hope there are many more to come. I wish Mr. Tart lots of good fortune and success in his new job. I'm also glad to hear that you're writing again. *Hugs*
  • "And the fandom gods looked up on it and it was good."

    *nods in agreement*

    Congratulations to you and Mr. Tart on the anniversary and congrats on the new job too.

  • Wooo Hoooooo to you writing again! And, um, happy anniversary!
  • Congrats! I totally agree with you on the journal stuff. I'll keep the others as a backup but I will remain on LJ. It is hard to see a lot of us go, but hopefully doing the crossposts will keep everyone in the loop.

    I will slash Snape again. Oh yes, I will.

    Excuse my language, but Fuck Yeah! Sorry, it's what I say when I get excited. Snape should always be slashed. In fact your stories "Traditions" and "The Tao of Diogenes" is what made me become a strong Ron/Snape shipper. I love their dynamic as a couple. And I always point people the way of your tales, because they never understand my infatuation with them, but when I point them your way, they understand. It seems I always ship the floundering ship. Ron/Draco, Ron/Snape and even *cough* Ron/Lucius. I always ship the ones where the sails are flowing that free. Oh, well.

    Congrats again and I hope many more wonderful years to come.


  • I will slash Snape again. Oh yes, I will.
    Let there be fandom.

    Forever and ever, AMEN. :D
  • I will slash Snape again. Oh yes, I will.


    (Congrats on the 11th Anniversary. You two are doing a lot better than many of my married friends.)
  • Congrats on your anniversary and yay for writing! Look forward to reading :-)
  • *HUGS* Congrats on the anniversary!!! And dont feel old - Mrs.Ink and I are going to have our 9th soon and I dont even want to begin to think about what that means (too late - we've spent almost a third of our lives together)

    Snape seriously needs to get laid - preferably by Remus, so I am SO glad you're slashing him again :D
  • hi

    Hi, its len09rob from checkmated i've been reading that live journal thread. Anyway i didn't know where to post this, i've friended you i'm sally80_3 on live journal just thought i'd let you know-so you don't think its a random person:)
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