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Downward Spiral

I'm rereading DH and it suddenly dawned on me that the movie version…

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I'm rereading DH and it suddenly dawned on me that the movie version should be rated R for violence. If they did it right it would be. But it won't be. They'll tone it down to a borderline PG-13 for a younger crowd, many of whom shouldn't be watching this movie anyway (if my experience at OotP was any indication). It's a shame really because much of the book would translate to film well... to an R rated film, that is.

And that's my thought for the day.

(Yes, my one thought. They don't allow me more than that.)
  • I agree. It should be rated R with the deaths and fighting and Nagini coming out of Bathilda's neck and all that stuff. It almost makes me wonder if they'll cut some of the death scenes. :/

    (if my experience at OotP was any indication).

    Oh my goodness, I've seen the movie twice and I had to cover my eyes both times Arthur was attacked. O_O
  • I've already seen comment to the effect that it's a shame that Sam Peckinpah is dead because he'd be a natural to direct this one....
  • I have to agree with that; between the number of deaths, the manner of those deaths (such as Charity's and Snape's deaths), that film should get an R rating on those aspects alone.

    And let's not forget Nagini's little trick with Bathilda, the scene of torture in Malfoy Manor, Moody's eye on the door (which felt like desecration to a degree that is nearly impossible to express), and Ron being splinched...

    R. for it to be done properly, it needs to be an R.
  • I dunno - they can't skirt all those deaths and I think it'll have to be R or it'll be so different from the book JKR might blow a gasket. ;)
  • * nods head in complete agreement *
  • When we went to see OotP last Saturday, the entire ROW behind us was under the age of 10!

    Some parents are idiots.

    (The worst part- the woman was pregnant again! And she and her husband couldn't even control the five that they had.)
  • Agreed. The books got progressively mature and yet..some parents didn't seem to care... there were so many children younger than 10 or so in the theaters when I went to see OotP. I would love to see an R rated DH.
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