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Downward Spiral

I finished the book.

I finished the book.

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Not now but a few days ago. I've been away from LJ for a while, mostly because I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact they it's done. Don't get me wrong - I loved the book. I was surprisingly okay with the deaths - except Fred's cause that was just bullshit . There were more deaths than necessary I thought. I get it -- it's war and people die -- but not half the people I know. Anyway, I'll have more to say when I can get my head together. I'll leave it at I like much more than I thought I would and she answered almost all the questions I hoped for. Fandom will take care of the rest.

And BTW...

Many will use the resection stone for years to come. I know you will. I know I will. At least once. ...maybe twice.

And Snape still rules. Hard.

Oh, I just have to say this -

Dumbledore - "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real.

And Things That Go Bump in the Night which is almost still canon compliant.

Luna - "But just because they're in your head doesn't mean that they are any less real."

I didn't toot my own horn when I realized that a fic I'd written contained horcuxes before I knew what a horcrux was, but this was just creepy.

Otherwise, I just wanted to say hi and I'm thinking of you and all that stuff.
  • "Many will use the resection stone for years to come. I know you will. I know I will. At least once. ...maybe twice."

    Saying Goodbye.

    Tell me what you think, please.
  • I've been missing you!

    • I've missed you too. *big hug*

      I see you already wrote something post DH. I'm impressed. I still feel like I need to read it again.
  • There were lots of mentions of treacle tart in this book. :) I thought of you. Harry/thetreacletart OTP!
  • I have to admit, when I was re-reading one of the chapters where there's happy!Kreacher, he says something to the effect of, "Master Harry, should I serve the treacle tart you are so fond of?" I thought of you. :D
    • I jumped out of my seat when I read that line. I will forever claim that as a shout out to me from JK. Yes, I have been drinking, why do you ask? :oD
  • I thought of that line from your fic! So, Draco was left alive for all sorts of future smutventures.
    • A few reviewers pointed that out to me. I have to admit it was rather cool. I'm glad Draco made it. I have a half written Ron/Draco that just might see the light of day.
  • I haven't read your entire post yet. I will, I always do. But I just had to comment on this:
    >I get it -- it's war and people die -- but not half the people I know.<

    Yes, they do. And I think what you have to remember is that Harry is not a, well, lets say 'civilian'. He's a soldier. An officer, in fact. Of very high rank. He commands and people listen.

    So, yes, half the people he knows could easily die.

    In a real situation, probably more than half. Think about it - this is one of the darkest times in Wizarding History. Lets compare that to one of the biggest wars in our history- I don't know what country you're from, so we'll just go with one of the World Wars, chances are someone in your ancestry was effected by one of those at some point. So, anyway, If you are an officer in one of the World Wars it was VERY possible that half the 'men' in your 'unit' would die in the war.

    If I seem like I'm being rude, I really really am sorry. I just like discussing the book. You aren't the first person to say that, you're just the first that made me want to comment back. ('Cause you're so cool and I like interesting conversations!!)

    • My main point was that we had six books of minimal casualties that were, for the most part, clean deaths. Many points of this book were grim. It felt to me more like being grim for the sake of being grim rather than really making a point about the nature of war. It felt like she was looking to shock us, and I found it pointless. If she were really going for realism than one or all of the trio wouldn't have made it out alive.

      And I don't think you're being rude. It's a valid and well stated point. I just think I would have been more comfortable with it all if she transfered a few of the deaths to book six, or even book five.
      • Well, then, yes - I can agree with that. I did always feel that if the the Dark Lord was somthing to be feared so much then there would be more death. She did seem to pack it all in one book.

        However, I can fill in bits in my own head that make this work.

        For example, in OotP and HBP I could see that the Death Eaters and therefore Voldie were in the process of 'getting back up to speed' - sorting themselves out after so long. There was a lot of 'gathering' of forces - so less death in Harry's immediate field, but more abroad.

        The other points that make this work for me are more.. abstract? I'm not sure if that is the right phrase, but whatever.

        I see Harry as ..well, lets use the military example again.. 'boot camp' in the earliers books.

        It slapped him in the face in book 7 (and us with him) because he made the transition to adult. No longer was he a child in a culture going through a war- he was *in* the war.

        So, while I understand you're point, I do think it is reasonable that it could 'happen' that way and that it isn't necessarily a flaw in Rowling's writing.

        I do think she chickened out, however, when she didn't kill off Arther Weasley. It would have been that extra bit that made it more real.

  • I'm so glad you liked it. Some of the vitriol out there is getting depressing, although I should have expected it.

    (Also, I had the same reaction about a Lily fic I wrote - Voldemort's description of her death scene was so similar in certain respects to the one I'd written, I just had to stare at the page for a while.)
    • I was just saying that I found the book to be very grim. At some points I found myself saying that she was really twisted....and just mean. But I still loved it and I look forward to reading it again.
  • *snugs*

    Glad to see you again. And oh yes, there will be much fic. And we will revel in it. ;)
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