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Downward Spiral

Various and Sundry....

Various and Sundry....

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Only have time for a quickie. (This is different because....)

Am exhausted.

Worked late tonight because I had the nerve to leave on time yesterday.

Left on time yesterday because friend gave me advanced tickets to see OotP...

At Imax...

In 3D...

For Free.

Sorry local fen but I could only get two tix and my husband would divorce me if he didn't get the other one. That being said I NEED a fandom night before the last book. Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Loved the movie but then again I'm not as critical as most. There were things I thought were very well done. Things I wish they did better. Things I wished they didn't do at all. But...

The acting was great. Ron was very Ronish. The Thestrals were beautiful.

Luna was adorable. Umbridge was superbly vile. Neville actually got lines.

Hermione didn't save the world (Steve Kloves can eat my shorts).

I even managed to hate Grawp just a little less. What? I said a little.

The movie needed about ten more minutes just to explain things a bit better. (Frankly, I think they all could use ten more minutes.)

And that is my review for now.

More kvetching once more people have seen it and I don't have to do the whole LJ cut thing.

In other news...

abigail89 is the loveliest, most generous, most wonderful person I know.

D you never fail to amaze me.

Thank you for the wonderful gift. I will treasure it always. My acquaintance with you is the single greatest thing thing to come out of fandom.

***much love****


    *waves from the other side of Rt 95*

    YOu call it babe, I'll be there.........
    (well, I'll try anyway)

    omg I saw it tonite too and omgSIRIUS*SQUEE*
  • I feel pretty much the same about the movie. I think they keep getting prograssively better, which is a good thing.

    I hope you're well!
  • The movie needed about ten more minutes just to explain things a bit better.
    (Steve Kloves can eat my shorts).
  • (no subject) - mamalaz
    • You've just made my year.

      BTW - "I'm not in Denial" was the first Ron/Draco I ever read. It was, in fact the very reason I wrote the pairing at all, so really you've only yourself to blame. It shaped my version Draco in many of my fics.

      I guess I should be thanking you. ;o)

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