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Drive By

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People around me are reserving their copy of Book Seven and buying tickets to the opening night of the movie and I'm like ah, there's plenty of time. But there isn't. Time, that is. It's July.



Wait, I'll say it again.

J U L Y.

Everybody say it with me -

Holy shit.

I'm so not ready. Excited, but so not ready.

In other news...

I just found this lovely banner in my in-box.

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Thanks to anyone who voted for me. Stuff likes this gives me the warm and fuzzies.
  • waah i don't want it to be july! *clings*

    ooh, and congrats!
  • Congrats on the banner!!!
    And yes JULY
    I was feeling overwhelmed until I decided to not see the film until I was done with the book. I've re-read all 6 books again, and am only reading AU fanfic, just so I make sure that I remember whats canon. (When the whole Tonks scene went done in Book 6 I was like "Wow, she is really brave to mess with Severus's man")
  • I'm so not ready either. Its too soon. I want time to slow down.
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