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Downward Spiral

On the Subject of me... I don't know who runs the Quills Fanfiction…

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On the Subject of me...

I don't know who runs the Quills Fanfiction Awards, I also don't know who nominated me, but it looks like I won the bronze in the humor category for Tidings of Little Comfort and Questionable Joy. I even got Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I wish I could be all aloof and cool and say I'm above all that, but I'm not. I'm shallow. So very shallow. So many hugs to whomever nominated me and a big kisses to anyone who voted. I'm incredibly touched.

On the subject of the hp_funnyfest....

I see many fics have been posted. On time (show offs!!!!). I'm barely half done with mine, which is 100% more than where I thought I'd be. I will finish it, over the next couple of weeks if possible. Not that it's long (which would be a decent excuse for its being late). Or particularly funny. Frankly, we'd all be better off if I didn't finish it. But I'm gonna, because it can be great, If I ever remember how to be funny. *fingers crossed*

On the subject of Paris Hilton going back to jail....

Ha Ha.

And so ends the current events portion of this post.

On the subject of (only moderately) late birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday




On the subject of real life....

After a series of ridiculous events, I start working for my new department tomorrow. I should be terrified but I'm not. For the moment, for right now, I'm happy.

Night all.

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