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Downward Spiral

Strikethrough 2007

Strikethrough 2007

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strikethough 2007
1 - I'm thetreacletart on Greatest Journal. Friend me and I'll friend you back.

2 - fandom_counts

3- As much as I've loved the virtual gifts I've received please don't buy me anything from LJ.

4 - Please back up your LJs.

5 - I decided against flocking my fics. I've done nothing wrong and I won't be made to feel guilty for it.

6 - I'm not deleting my journal.

7 - This isn't about porn.

First they'll come for for the hard core stuff and you'll pout but, as you don't write anything hardcore, you just shrug. Not my problem, right?

Then they'll come for all slashers because someone will find it offensive, but you don't write slash so you let it roll off your back.

Then they'll decide that all fan fiction is wrong. Copyright infringement is against the law isn't too it?

8 - I love my fandom. Amid all the kerfuffle people are still posting fics and art and newsletters and recs.

Keep on keeping on.
  • I'm SO there! And though I've never actually finished a scandalous fic, all this nonesense with LJ makes me determined to finish my NC17 Snupin collaring fic - and back everything I've written up on GJ (sorry, I know thats a split infinitive, but its staying)
  • Hey, hon! I think I'm abigail89 on GJ too.
  • Thank you for saying everything I want to say. *hug*
  • Any recs for backing up said LJ?
  • Amoretteaq on GJ as of this afternoon. Sigh. I haven't quite figured it out and it is so slow tonight because, I suspect, of the huge shift, but I may drift over there. Or spend the summer getting stuff done in the real world! Now there's a concept!
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